DVD Player for iPad
Watch DVDs on your iPad live! Simple and no hassle. Put a DVD into any Mac's DVD drive, and watch it live on your iPad (has to be on the same WiFi network).
You'll no longer have to spend time converting files, storing different copies, and enduring the frustration of getting the formats right. Everything is now automated for you!
Server Files

Step 1: On a Mac, open the dmg file, drag the Server file into Applications folder.
Step 2: Run the Server file. It will minimize into the top bar, and you should see a DVDPlayer icon.
Step 3: Insert DVD into a Mac's drive.( Do not autorun the Mac's DVD Player.)
Step 4: Run the iPad application.
FAQ & Troubleshooting Guide
Step 1: Run Test A by clicking the "Test Connection" button on the iPad. A default trailer should play.
Step 2: Run Test B from the server to test the DVD. The movie should play on the Mac.
Step 3: Run Test C from the sever to test User Read/Write permissions.
Email us with any additional queries and the results of the test support [at] floatingcube.com